What is a logo ?

A SmartPrefix TM is the prefix element of an ISO 8000-115 identifier and which is used to uniquely identify the owner of a part, product or item number. A SmartPrefix TM can be your organization, product or brand name.

Who manages logo ?

SmartPrefix TM is managed through the ePNS (ECCMA Prefix Name Server), which is administered by ECCMA (Electronic Commerce Code Management Association). ECCMA is the project leader for the development of ISO 8000 – the international standard for data and information quality.

Why Use a logo ?


Improved B2B sales

SmartPrefixTM uniquely identifies your item or product, making it more visible for requisitioners to access in their ERP systems. Better visibility of your products ensures that you will be at the top of the list when a purchasing decision is made.


Better Product Descriptions

SmartPrefixTM allows you to create product and item descriptions in an ISO 8000 compliant Structured Data Format (SDF). SDF product descriptions are linked to the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD) which creates portable data allowing platform independent sharing.


Empowers Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing and Smart Supply Chain are driven by standards to ensure that all parties communicate in the same language. SmartPrefixTM provides a standards backed solution to the identification and resolution of manufacturers and suppliers.