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A free ALEI (Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier) is required to register a SmartPrefixTM.

What is a logo ?

A SmartPrefixTM is the prefix element of an ISO 8000-115 identifier and which is used to uniquely identify the owner of a part, product or item number. A SmartPrefixTM can be your organization, product or brand name.

Who manages logo ?

SmartPrefixTM is managed through the ePNS (ECCMA Prefix Name Server), which is administered by ECCMA (Electronic Commerce Code Management Association). ECCMA is the project leader for the development of ISO 8000 – the international standard for data and information quality.

Steps to get your logo

Why should you choose logo ?

Here’s Top 3 reasons why using a SmartPrefixTM.

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Download our ECCMA NLI (Natural Location Identifier) app for the fastest, most convenient way to get the 14 digit code used to represent any phyiscal location on earth including inside a building.